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Todo: Multiline or multi- part comments should be separated by \ n Comments should be printed in generated code All tests should succeed Consider splitting comment parser from localized strings parser [ 1] Consider moving strings parser to separate library [ 1] : Instead of flat. A resource file is a useful mechanism for separating localizable strings from code. Translated strings for the non- default language are isolated. resx resource files. For example, you might want to create Spanish resource file named Welcome. resx containing translated strings. " es" is the language code for Spanish. Note: There is another good document that you should take the time to read: Localization content best practices. This is more generic ( not Firefox OS- specific), and covers best practices for making content strings as localizable as possible, whereas the following is more about implementing those strings in your code. What often happens with the Localizable. strings files is that they have a tendency to become large and sloppy fairly quickly. As many engineers can attest, adding code is often easier than modifying or editing existing code, and adding new key/ value pairs to the localizable files is no different. Internationalize strings for your interface in your source code Lets you keep “ nice” strings in your code, including format strings No explicit loading/ management of localized strings needed at runtime.

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    Localizable error strings

    If strings in your Localizable. strings file are present in the translated file, but aren’ t being localized on the device, check the character encoding of the file. Unlike the iPhone simulator, the actual device only recognizes strings files that are formatted UTF- 16. Describes elements of best practice when writing code with Objective- C using ARC. strings files for text used in code. The default storyboards and resources are located in a Base directory, and language- specific translations and other resources are stored in. lproj directories. iOS and Watch OS will automatically use the user' s language selection to load the correct strings and resources. changed the language in the iPhone simulator to French ( settings - > international - > language) - I do not see " settings" anywhere - added the localization in the application ( on the localizable. strings - > get info - > add localization) - Yes.

    This document provides best practices for developers to create localizable code, and describes how to avoid some localizability ( l12y) common mistakes. As described above, the Localizable. strings file format consists of key- value pairs. The key describes the intent of the string and the value is the translated text to be used in the app. Finding Non- localized Strings in xcode If you have ever done some localization in xcode, you might already know how hard is it to track the non- localized strings used in the code and in storyboard. The most essential property of a localizable app is that its executable code has been cleanly separated from the app' s localizable resources. Strings translated into different languages can vary greatly in length. By default, members that have no localizable attribute or are marked with the LocalizableAttribute set to false will have their property values persisted to code, if the data type allows. Otherwise, if the main component is set to Localizable, all properties will be persisted to the resource file. Localization is the process of translating an application' s resources into localized versions for each culture that the application will support. You should proceed to the localization step only after completing the Localizability Review step to verify that the globalized application is ready for localization.

    Deals with Issue # 29. Adds plist- to- strings. It can be used to convert binary. strings files ( binary. plist) to plaintext. It takes a master plaintext. strings file for the key sort order in the converted file ( as requested in the comments of Pull Request # 40). ErrCodeSug36" = " Charge the vehicle body for 10 minutes with the charger, if the problem still cannot be solved, dismantle battery pack and remount, attempt to charge again, if the problem still cannot be solved, please contact your retailer or Ninebot service center; you may be asked to deliver your battery pack to your retailer for overhauling. Working with Mark, found out that the " es. lproj/ Localizable. strings" did not have the BOM set, and appeared to be using a different encoding encoding by default ( my guess is UTF- 16) 5 Answers.

    Advanced users: Since version 6, Xcode has decided to hide the Localizable. strings file for your English strings by default. While you see the Localizable. strings file for, say, your French translation in the fr. lproj folder ( only AFTER you import the French XLIFF file), the English one is not in the en. In this code, R# warns that " Set priority" is a localizable string. I' ve searched online and found that to remove the warning you should use @ before the string, becoming priority", however for this case, R# continues to tell me it' s localizable. Having localizable strings defined in shared code libraries has encouraged message reuse which can cause all kinds of headaches during the translation process. From the MediaWiki documentation on localization :. The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable. — Get rid of all String- based APIs!

    After applying the " Localizable" attribute to my form using the ( form) properties window in VS, I was expecting to see " [ Localizable( true) ] " preceding my form' s class in code ( added automatically by the IDE). UpdateStoryboardStrings. sh is used to pull localizable text from your storyboard files and put them in the appropriate. UpdateCodeStrings. sh is used to parse Objective- C *. m code files for all NSLocalizedStrings( key, comment) function calls and update the Localizable. strings files for each language for which the app is being. If you use NSLocalizedString macros in your code, as described in Separating User- Facing Text from Your Code, a Localizable. strings group also appears in the project navigator. Another kind of strings file is InfoPlist. strings, which you use for localizing app properties that are visible to users ( such as the app’ s name). A typical application has at least one strings file per localization, that is, one strings file in each of the bundle’ s.